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Tips For Learning Polish?

Hi! I live in Eastern Ireland where there is a big Polish community even my best friend is Polish. I'm just looking for some tips, mostly on cases, I understand what there used for and they seem very similar to Ukrainian. I saw a table of case endings and what is meant by "feminine ni"? And also any tips on understanding spoken Polish? Or any general tips. Dziekuje!

April 11, 2016



I think the most important thing is to enjoy your language learning. Don't waste time on memorizing full grammar tables. There's no use in it. Try to feel it, rather than to learn it by heart. For me, Duolingo course is, for any language, a great start as you can get a grasp of that language and somehow feel it. Try to translate sentences even if you're not sure about any endings or such things (also for languages with more complex grammar like Polish and my current Turkish tree, it's great to read those grammar notes prepared by the incubator team, but just read it, don't try to cram it). If you try just to have fun doing it, this grammar will more or less eventually get into your head, but as a remembered pattern you can use instinctively, rather than as a learnt declension table.

As for the listening comprehension, I've also had a lot of problems with that. Lately though, I've been working a lot on phonetics of my target languages and I must admit it helps a lot and I can already see the effects. If you learn phonetics decently, not only will you be able to speak the language better, sound more like a native, but as I said, it will also boost your listening comprehension as weel as reading, or general confidence in speaking. So, try to start hard with the phonetics and I assure you won't regret it :) Good luck!


Read recent and most popular posts on Polish course. You can find there many useful information.




What I try to do is a lot of repetition on the exercises. So that you really learn the new words (I basically do everything twice when I see it for the first time). For cases; some I just got more familiar with. When I was lost; I wrote everything down per gender in a notebook and if something weird popped up, I checked it. For me it is more pleasant than learning by heart, which I had to do in high school for Latin and German for example. But most of all, keep having fun learning, it is what makes you continue. :)


My advice is to listen to Polish music, ask your friends which artists they like, and go to YouTube and sample it. I've been a fan of Polish music for a long time, and I find it helps because I can easily reference something I heard in the lyrics.


Cool, I like pop songs and stuff that sounds like sia's music. Do you have any recommendations?

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