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  5. "Mae o'n licio chdi."

"Mae o'n licio chdi."

Translation:He likes you.

April 11, 2016



Is chdi only objective case, or can it be used as a variant for chi elsewhere?


chdi is informal, more similar to ti than chi in usage. But it can't be used everywhere.

I'm not sure of the rules where chdi can be used instead of ti. ("Where it sounds right" isn't very helpful.)

It feels safe to use it as an object (Mae o'n licio chdi) or after a preposition (efo chdi), or when it's standing alone as in chdi sy'n iawn. But not as a subject.


is chdi south walian... I live and learn in the north and have not heard it before.


I'm from Anglesey and I hear it all the time


But you can say, "Mae e'n hoffi chi", right?


Yes, though Mae o'n licio chdi would (to my understanding) be better "translated" to Mae e'n (dy) hoffi di with a ti form rather than a chi form.


Can you say ‘Mae e’n hoffi ti’?

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