Translation:To drive

April 11, 2016



I've been told 'gyrru' means 'to speed' in North Wales, and 'dreifio' is used for 'to drive'.

It's a funny point of observation around here cos the road signs say 'Peidiwch yfed a gyrru' - 'Don't drink and speed'. (So you can drive drunk so long as you stay within the limit)


I'm from the north and I've never come across "Gyrru" as "To speed", with "Dreifio" just being a borrowing from English. Gweiadur offers "Spidio" (again from the English) or "Goryrru" (Literally "To over-drive). Also signs tend to say "Pediwch ag yfed a gyrru" since the "รข/ag" is only dropped in the colloquial language.


Thanks Ellis, there seem to be a lot of times that people I know use terms that no one else has heard of. And the other way around. Thanks for your feedback. Always good to learn all aspects of Welsh.

Diolch, Ieuan.


A oes gwahaniaeth rhwng sain y geiriau 'gyrru' a 'gyri'?


That will depend on the dialect, but just both can be pronounced like "curry" just with a "g".


Gyrru means drive as well as driving?


For verb nouns we accept the answers "To X" and "Xing". This is because English infinitives without the "To" can be translated a number of way.

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