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  5. "В здании три входа."

"В здании три входа."

Translation:There are three entrances in the building.

April 11, 2016



I may be being overly picky at this point, but can an entrance be in a building? I think I would be talking about an entrance to a building. Unless it is talking about entrances to something else inside the building?


Shouldn't it really be entrances into a building...? :-)

I think you're right, I'd say "to" rather than "in".


Came here to say the same.
"The building has three entrances" would be much more natural.


Never mind that the phrase "В здании три входа" seems very Russian, the English translation does work naturally in some circumstances.

E.g. If I'm standing outside a large department store wondering why my friends haven't met me outside by the door to the store cafe where I'm standing, I might ask, "How many entrances are there to the cafe?" and the reply might well be, "There are three entrances in the building."

I'm sure it's very difficult, if not impossible, to construct practice phrases that work in Russian, British English, American English, Australian English, etc!


I agree. In my opinion, it partly seems to depend on the context and location of the speaker. If I am inside a building, I could easily say "there are three entrances in this building". While when outside a building it would probably be "to this building" or into.

I was wondering if this could also be translated as "the building has three entrances". I still don't 100% understand the concept of в has "in" versus the possessive quality.


In English, we don't say the entrance is "in" the building (as. a window is "in" it), but "to" it; so a more natural translation would say "There are three entrances to the building".


Unless the building has three entrances to other buildings or similar, which is much less likely.


The в isn't audible in the slow audio.


Unacceptable. "The building has three entrances" or "There are three entrances to the building."

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