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A reasonable concern

I get the feeling sometimes that DuoLingo, which is now free and has been advertised as free, is going to begin to grow rapidly. When it grows very big I get the feeling that the developers are going to charge for it, like many other small sites on the web have done when they increase in popularity. If DuoLingo becomes commercial, I will stop using it immediately, not because the developers do not deserve money for it, but because it was advertised as free and they can get money in other ways for DuoLingo. I would like to know other people's opinions on this.

June 8, 2012



We have absolutely zero plans to start charging for learning a language on Duolingo -- this means no "premium" paid services, no subscriptions, just 100% free.


or it could stay free and they could sell the translations to the websites themselves...it would make sense since most web sites want to open their content up to the English speaking world...


As I understand it, this is basically how it already works. It's been about a year since I learned about it, though. It might be in the TED talk.


@mikeydee: I'd totally buy an Owl Plushie. Also, note that if you rate your "answer," it gives you the option to edit and delete it. There's a bug, since it should always show those options, but beta is beta.


Plushy owl? I want 10!


They could probably earn some funding by introducing a scheme for schools and colleges, where-by the school registers for a scholarly account, which can have self-set administrators (teachers), moderators (teaching assistants) and self-allocated accounts (students). All of the progress each student makes is ranked up into the global statistics for that school. Obviously this is a huge step into a different direction, but as an alternative to charging their users, this seems like a fair idea. I guess the teachers would also be able to set targets and homework assignments that must be completed, thus making the app an integral part to their class.


Every beta tester should get a plush owl for free!

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