January 13, 2014


I came to duoLingo hoping Arabic would be on the list. I was greatly disappointed. I hope a course is introduced soon for english speaking.

that's why i made an account too!

May 2020, the Arabic course is not available, but I'm having trouble because the system is still imperfect. The "ii" is read as "zawad" and stuff like that. I'm a real beginner in Arabic, but even with my super limited knowledge, I know this course will be a hard one for me.

Surprise it was added like last year and it is on the languages

I hope Duolingo is considering Arabic. In today's political climate, it would do a world of good for English speakers to be able to use a few polite phrases with Arabic speaking friends and neighbors. I learned some basic Hindi phrases a few years ago before going to India for vacation, and even without being able to read Hindi, it gave me a huge advantage in relating to people and showing that I respected their culture by making the effort to learn their language.

I think one of the problems is how to introduce the new phonemes and writing system. Thus far, Duolingo has only had to deal with Latin and Cyrillic script for the most part. But most importantly, yes; with things as they are, people studying Arabic and learning more about Islamic and Middle Eastern culture would be a great thing, and Duolingo is a great platform on which to do this.

I think Arabic is also written in latin script,granted that is not how native learn it or use it,but nevertheless.

While it can be transliterated in either a informal online style: El-lugha El-3arabiyya El-Fu97aa El-7adiitha, or an academic one: Al-lugha Al-ᶜarabiyya Al-fuṣḥā Al-ḥadītha, neither of these systems will be of much use if you're stuck trying to read anything in an Arabic-speaking country. A romanisation system can be useful for absolute beginners, but the Abjad should be taught as well, as it's way everything is actually written in Arabic (except for some online communication of course). Either way, it's a useful tool for learning pronunciation early on, but not much more.

There's also the issue of r-to-l text (perhaps the Hebrew for English Speakers crowd are sorting that out?) and the cursive nature of the Arabic script, which some computers have trouble with.

I'd love there to be a writing component of the Arabic course.

For English Speakers YES!! :)

I second this, please do Arabic for us. Shukran.

Arabic should be introduced its an ancient language ,official language in 22 countries with more than 290 million speakers ... , it has a great accent and I love that !. Well... I speak English and Urdu.

Please fast track Arabic. Without duolingo I have to stick with books and podcasts

Yes! Definitely! Arabic should definitely be added to Duolingo!!!! THAT, is something I would look forward to greatly!!!!!!

Please add Arabic for English speakers I think its essential

I don't have much to add except that I too would like the opportunity to learn Arabic. Largely because I've heard some interesting things about the way the language works and I'd like to see them for myself.

i wonder how they would introduce the Arabic alphabet through this website. i took arabic in college and let me tell you, you NEED to grab onto that alphabet in order to do anything

Agreed. I think an alphabet unit early on in the course would be a good idea, though trying to get the correct pronunciation of the emphatic consonants across will be difficult (perhaps some diagrams showing the relative positions of the tongue?).

hopefully the person doing the pronunciations will be a "clear" as possible hahaha

Well can't they just use the digital keyboard?❓

It think it should be possible to apply the alphabet much like applying accents in other languages like Turkish, Russian or Polish. At least there aren't a huge number of symbols in Arabic like there are in Japanese or Chinese :-) I learnt the arabic alphabet quite quickly 40 years ago, but I have definitely forgotten it now. Recognising words, as I remember, was a bit harder :-)

Arabic for English speakers would be awesome

It would be great for volunteers who help refugees just to know a little Arabic. Sometimes, the refugees speaks no or just a little English. It would make many things so much easier, and I think they would feel more respected and more motivated for integration, if they meet helpful people with knowledge of their native language.

That is exactly why I became interested in picking up some Arabic. I was surprised and disappointed to find that Duolingo does not yet offer it.

How is it possible Arabic for English speakers is not even in the incubator yet? It's the 6th most popular language in the world!

When's Arabic coming on?

Arabic for English please!

Arabic would be awesome. My mom said you could get a nice job if you know Arabic.

turkish would also be a good one

I think Turkish is almost ready!

Given that they've started Russian and are working on scripted languages like Korean and Klingon, I REALLY hope they do Arabic soon! I desperately want to learn and Duo works really well for me. Otherwise, I end up spending way too much money on auditory systems like Pimsleur, which work for me, but frankly are much slower than Duo. So, here's to Duo getting Arabic soon!!

I agree...would love to see Arabic supported here.

Would love to have an Arabic for English speakers course.. I'm visiting Egypt next year and want to know a thing or two, and I love learning through Duolingo. Other websites that I've tried can be confusing. Hope this becomes a course! :)

Also.. Just saying.. But how is Klingon for English speakers a course, but not an actual language?

Ha ha - I know! I made that same point above. I get that Arabic is harder given the alphabet and number of versions, but come on. Klingon!

yes we have different "versions" of Arabic! but I would advice you to learn the standard Arabic since it's the one used in media, politics,literature..etc. It may be more difficult, but it will make understand what is around you in Arabic, while sticking to a specific dialect will be of no use, because you would not be able to understand anything but the dialect you're learning. All the best for you أتمنى لك التوفيق في تعلم العربية (:

بالضبط، شكراً يا صديقتي. برأيي تعلم العربية الفصحى قبل تعلم العربية العامية لازم جداً. إذا تتعلم العامية فقط فأنت لا تستطيع أن تتحدث مع ناس من كل العالم العربي ولا تستطيع قرأة الكتابة العربية. باختصار، سيكون فهمك محدود كثيراً. (صححت الخطأ)

هههه،(صديقتي) ، لأنني فتاة . نعم هذا صحيح .. كل التوفيق (:

Arabic is one I'd like to learn, too.

tons of people speak Arabic in various countries this would be an amazing language to learn. I don't understand why duolingo has started working on other small languages and decided to skip this one

It's a hard one to do for various reasons (different types of Arabic across use and region, plus diff alphabet) but they are working on other languages with different alphabets so they could do this one...

It's also because Duolingo doesn't really decide which language to work on next. As far as I know, the content is community-generated, so therefore when you have enough users wanting to make a course, then that course gets made. It doesn't necessarily matter how many people want a course/how "major" that language is.

I can't wait to learn Arabic! First MSA (Modern Standard Arabic), and then Egyptian. Thank you so much to the Arabic community for your willingness and tireless work in teaching us your beautiful language. It is greatly appreciated.

I would love to see Arabic for english speakers on here. I studied it in college, and would like to brush up on it

I would also love to see Arabic (MSA) for English speakers here on Duolingo. I've started on Russian while I wait for Arabic but I'd really like to get started soon. If Arabic for English speakers takes much longer to show up here, then I'll probably check out what's available on Memrise.

You should check out Memrise now while you're waiting. When it comes to languages, it's always good to go with as many resources as possible. Good idea!

I hope they add Arabic too

I took 3 quarters of Arabic about a year ago and i'm losing it already, I'm really hoping Duolingo comes out with something. I can't seem to find any other sites that are user friendly for this language and books are expensive/tedious.

Arabic for English speakers - yes please! I love the sound of it!

I am a professional Arabic teacher. My name is Rahma. Check my website www dot learnarabicindubai dot com

Yes, please, can we get Arabic for English speakers soon? I had assumed for a while that the hold up was the different characters and/or formatting, but Hebrew is now available, as are things like Greek, Korean, Klingon, and several languages using Cyrillic scripts. This is an important world-wide language, and one which many native English speakers have little access to. Having it added to duolingo would be a tremendous benefit.

BUMP for Arabic. Took one basic course here, but since I cannot practice the language, it tends to fade away.

Hebrew is there already, so why not Arabic too? There's like 1,5 billion speakers so I bet someone can help.

It seems like Arabic is in high demand. SO when is it going to be included in Duolingo? I am an elementary school teacher and I have many Arabic (mostly non-English speaking) students in my class. It would be very helpful if I could learn at least some basic Arabic.

I also do wonder why there is no course yet. I am waiting for a while now and hope to learn and help at the same time.

I am a professional Arabic teacher. My name is Rahma. Check my website www dot learnarabicindubai dot com

Does anyone know if Duolingo will offer Arabic for English speakers? It seems like a huge oversight that this language is not offered on the site.

I am a professional Arabic teacher. My name is Rahma. Check my website www dot learnarabicindubai dot com

people have been asking for it for 2 years now and still nothing.

That feels like a huge oversight on Duolingo's behalf. I see that they have the software for Arabic speakers to learn English, so why not offer Arabic for English speakers?

Arabic pleeeeaseee

Arabic For English Speakers has just been added in the incubator. It will teach MSA and Egyptian dialect.

uno the incubator said that Arabic for English speakers would be out at the start of june 2019 which was a few weeks ago... its not even in beta yet :( I really want to learn Arabic fluently before the end of summer :( whats going on? can you hurry please?

I've tried doing the reverse Arabic to English, but it was hard.

Definitely so looking forward to this course. Should be starting soon as english for arabic is at over 5million learners! Know a bit of arabic so would love to join the incubator phase but unfortunately not yet enough to be able to contribute meaningfully to building the course.

I would love if there was an arabic course

I am a professional Arabic teacher. My name is Rahma. Check my website www dot learnarabicindubai dot com

If anyone hasn't seen yet, Arabic has an expected release date of July 1, 2019. You can go click on it to be notified when it's finished.

yay its here in beta!

I'm also looking for this one, Sally. First step will be roll out of A to E. Then E to A will follow later. You can track A to E here:

Simon Bandar teaches Arabic (and Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and Italian) in my county. He grew up in Lebanon. I will tell him about this site and ask him if he is interested in getting in touch with you.

As it is posted here that there are no contributors as of yet.

Is there Arabic for English speakers?

Hi jacqklueh, you can keep an eye on the English for Arabic speakers course. Once it enters phase 3 (and possibly at phase 2) the team will begin building the Arabic for English speakers course. Either way, once they do, the Arabic for English speakers course will appear here ^_^

I want ti help building the arabic for english speakers , I searched discussions specially for that , I already helps my language partner learns arabic and Duo will make it easy , is there any chance to do this soon ?

And I already have solved the alphabet and pronouncation mechanism problem

أنا أهتم بهذا أيضاً. إذا أردت أن تخلق دروس اللغة العربية لمتكلمي الإنجليزية، فأحب أن أساعدك، إن شاء الله.

هذا يشرفني جدا ، لقد أرسلت لك رسالة علي موقع facebook لعلنا نتعاون معا لإثمار عمل جيد :)

Looks like the course you mentioned has already been released but I am seeing no mention of progress on an arabic for english speakers course. Any word?

Great! I noticed English for Arabic speakers has made it to phase 3 and graduated beta. It must have been a recent occurrence, as I don't see Arabic in Phase 1 yet. Maybe I can pick up Russian while I wait. :p

if you look on the English for Arabic speakers page it says that the creators of that are going to be spending time on perfecting that course and solving some issues with it before starting an Arabic for English speakers so hopefully they will be done with that soon.

إن شاء الله

I can't wait, I'd love to try and learn.

Hey I can't find it anywhere I even googled it

I like your avatar and flag

no,they should add it though i do not speak it but i am slowly learning-إسم مؤنث

هذا جميل :) . If u just needed help , I'm here :)

Arabic For English Speakers has just been added in the incubator. It will teach MSA and Egyptian dialect.

i want it soooo baaad. Its such a great language to learn in todays world with middle eastern culture spreading out everywhere, it would be good to know some for a job resume as well.

Aaah, but which kind? The nice and standardised Modern Standard Arabic (اللغة العربية الفصحى الحديثة); the language of media, politics, modern literature, and the basis for written communication? Or one of the many more colloquial regional forms (العامية), like Egyptian; often heard in Arabic films and music due to the strength of the Egyptian entertainment industry, and what you'll actually hear people speaking 90% of the time?

I think there's a standardized Arabic language which is used in schools that every Arab can understand,but i've been informed that it's not an every-day language.Seems to me like Egyptian Arabic would be the best,as it is quite likely the most ˝understandable˝ for all.

I myself am incredibly interested in learning,but i feel like it's something i'd only learn with Duolingo,just trying to learn the abjad seems discouraging the regular way.

Yeah, MSA is incredibly widely-understood, but nobody outside of an official setting will ever speak it. Egyptian Arabic would arguably be the best form of the language to teach for conversational purposes (that or Levantine). However, if you don't learn MSA, then your understanding of the language outside of informal situations will be severely stunted, and most of the written language will be completely beyond you. I think teaching a mixture of MSA and Egyptian would be a good idea.

Both, but it sounds horribly complicated!

I have been living in Saudia arabia for seven years now so I know the local arabic which I think isn easier then the fusha arabic. but fushah arabic is taught in every arabic school so almost all arabs can speak fusha.

BTW I love Scotland

I would love it if we could get Arabic (MSA) for English speakers on here. I requested it a while back. I know a little bit, but not enough to help with building the lesson, yet.

Yeah, I put in an application for that in the incubator as well, though they haven't gotten back to me yet. There's either not enough people registering interest there, or three years learning MSA in university isn't quite what Duolingo are looking for :P

I'd like to learn the Levantine dialect, but in order to learn a dialect one must learn the standard first.

الله أكبر

Arabic,Its the official Language of the Middle East and as well as the Holy Quran is in Arabic,I think it should be a "YES"

I wanted to ask the same thing. Arabic has 450 million native speakers - it certainly dwarfs Catalan or ... Klingon. Far more than Greek (which I speak a little and am looking forward to) or Hebrew. It's way overdue. Anyone know if it's coming? We have many Syrian refugees arriving in Vancouver and I wanted to learn a few words in order to help a family we are aiding.

hi I'm a native speaker of Arabic , well there is a website called elmadinah Arabic it would help u with what u need :))

Thanks! Is it as good as Duolingo? I'll check it out. Much appreciated!

not as good as duo but still useful till the course come up here

Thanks! It looks as if only the reverse is in Beta on Duolingo so far - English for Arabic speakers.

I'm also waiting for Greek... my Greek is very rusty

English for Arabic was available since along time ago even now French and sweedish are available and german is on the way

that's so lovely of you! i've given a lingot - as its the best way to show appreciation on here lol

Thanks I only just saw this! Arabic is certainly taking a long time. Greek is finally available - in Beta (it's very much in beta, but still good). I can see how hard Arabic will be to do. still, they should hurry up.

The Arabic language is one of the most widely spoken languages all over the world. It is the means of communication for over 422 million people, mainly in North Africa, the Middle East and what is known generally as the Arab World (22 countries). I see that it should be listed in the list of courses but what I know is that arabic language is not easy to learn,for example,many english speakers find it very difficult to pronounce the خ,غ,ق,ء, ّ ...

I had the hardest time hearing the difference between the 2 "ha's".

I hope that if they do end up adding Arabic that it is the Levant dialect rather than standard.

So I hear doulingo is going to give us MLA format Arabic...thats cool they say its good to learnt he alphabet in arabic and at least be a little proficient in the standard arabic before taking on a dialect. I would love to learn egiptian arabic the most.


yeeess arabic would be so great!

Are there any actual plans for building an Arabic course for English speakers in the near future? I, for one, consider it far more important than Klingon, for instance.

Couldn't agree more. I understand it is an aweful amount of work constructing a course especially if it is for a language with a seperate alphabet. However, Arabic is an important language and spoken by millions - the demand for Arabic for English speakers seems pretty high. And for Klingon? Not so much I am guessing...

I agree as well. Others have posted a link to the English for Arabic speakers incubator, which is supposedly going to branch to Arabic for English speakers next -

The latest post was about 3 weeks ago. Perhaps one of the contributors could provide an insight on potential future plans for Arabic for English speakers.

Arabic for English speakers would be super helpful.

Arabic would definitely be fabulous! I would love a head start on it before I start it in college

I'm sure there are plenty of Arabic speakers who'd be willing to help with that while the course is being constructed. Are you starting this autumn?

Yeah, the semester starts in just a few weeks. I've always wanted to learn Arabic, but when I tried taking an online class, it was mostly just a disaster, so I was hoping for a better start. It would definitely be a helpful language for my career. of the challenges for learners is the lack of good online materials out there. My course was very Classical/MSA Literature and Media focused, so my knowledge is primarily linguistic and grammatical. I could give you a few pointers if you'd like.

I would really appreciate it!

Ok, so how far have you got in learning, and what's the focus of your course; Classical, MSA, or dialectal?

Okay okay fine! I'll start teaching you all Arabic here. Lesson number 01:

"Hi" in Arabic means "Marhaba"

let's do it the right way; with the Arabic Alphabet: صباح الخير SabaH alKheer: morning greeting, good morning. I'd start teaching the alphabet right now, but it's tough on a forum... I was kinda hoping they'd have started by now...

I would love to have Arabic! Please! Shukran

I am a professional Arabic teacher. My name is Rahma. Check my website www dot learnarabicindubai dot com

I really hope this happens.

I am a professional Arabic teacher. My name is Rahma. Check my website www dot learnarabicindubai dot com

I wish they had arabic. I can't figure out anyone who teaches it.

I am a professional Arabic teacher. My name is Rahma. Check my website www dot learnarabicindubai dot com

Please! We need Arabic for English speakers ASAP!

I am a professional Arabic teacher. My name is Rahma. Check my website www dot learnarabicindubai dot com

Just came here to say that I am really looking forward to when Arabic is available. Please work on this!

At the current pace, Duolingo will literally never make an Arabic course. I recommend the quizzes on Quizlet! =)

When is ARABIC coming?

Yeah, I've been waiting for soooooo long

It got pushed back to July 1st now. Its been at 68% for like 8 months now.

when are they going to put the arabic to english course up? its been up there since last yr they keep changing the date it should be soon or we should have it takeing off there showing it building and there not puting any effort into it there wasting our time if they whant english to arabic folk to kearn it on duolingo they should have done it by now, stop wasting time and hurry up. sorry for the inconvienince.

I know I think there wasting our time putting our hopes up and disappointing us im sick of waiting.

I agree - rather than say "Anytime soon its coming", just say nothing and dont get our hopes up

I would have thought Arabic would have preceded in development much earlier and been completed by now than Klingon or High Valyrian!

Cannot wait when Arabic comes :)

Arabic and Russin would be great)

hello I am an arabic native speaker from syria
if anyone looking for partner to help him in arabic and and his native language is english or chineses please contact me we can exchange languages skype at abo.yousif636

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