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Article removed with no explanation

To whichever moderator or staff member removed my article, I would really appreciate an explanation. [Edit: the article in question was located at http://www.duolingo.com/translation/5574726a05340afad823c97e20efff4d before it was removed]

[Edit, this paragraph moved from end] I am assuming that the article was removed for it being in the wrong Immersion section. However, if you are going to remove an article for being in the wrong place, then please allow it to be uploaded to the correct location.

I attempted to send a message to Duolingo Support on December 22 (Ticket #118650) about the fact that an article from my blog was in the wrong Immersion section, and I received nothing but an automated response. I took the article down and also posted to the troubleshooting forum ( http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1335627 ). Some time passed and I received no comments on the forum, nor responses from support as I translated several other articles from my blog.

Once I had uploaded all of my other blog posts to Immersion, I sent screenshots to the e-mail that the automated response gave me and posted to the troubleshooting forum once again ( http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1416274 ). A week passed and I still received no response.

Today I finished translating that last article that I uploaded a week ago, and so I decided to upload the article that I'd been having difficulty with to the English Immersion section (since that's all it allowed me to do), and make it clear in the article discussion why I was doing this.

I explained in the discussion that it didn't offer me the option to upload it to the section for translating to Spanish, so I was uploading it to that section instead. I also included a link to the Immersion Community Guidelines and explained that I was the author of the article and if anybody had any questions they could contact me, and that I would be posting about it on the Spanish forum so that hopefully I might draw some native Spanish speakers to help with the translation (which I did at http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1482361 ). Last I checked this comment had received two upvotes.

I worked on it a bit throughout the day, translated some myself and changed a few things that others translated, then went out to keep an appointment. When I returned home, I went to go check on the article once again and discovered that the article was gone!

I checked my e-mail, my feed, and all of my posts about the article, and still have not received any messages from the staff (or anybody else, for that matter). In case they had fixed the problem, I even tried seeing if I could upload the article to the correct forum, but this also was still not possible.

I would post this to the troubleshooting forum, but that seems to be ineffective, so now I am posting it here in hopes that I may finally get a response that can help me get the article uploaded and meet my goal of translating my entire blog into Spanish by the end of February (part of the goals that I stated that won me the T-shirt contest at http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1282649 ).

January 13, 2014



Hi revdolphin- here to help resolve this issue. Taking a look into how we can move your article into the correct section for translation. The troubleshooting forum tends to be effective for issues. We do look at it very closely. We want to help you meet this goal and we'll get this resolved.


This is an especially good point:

However, if you are going to remove an article for being in the wrong place, then please allow it to be uploaded to the correct location.

If you don't hear back from staff, I suggest using the support tab on the left and perhaps moving that point towards the top.

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