"I have gone to work early."

Translation:Dw i wedi mynd i'r gwaith yn gynnar.

April 12, 2016

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Weird Audio issue! Errrrr when clicking on the buttons constructing the welsh sentence, the 'r button was pronounced "pothnadare" ... so im guessing that's some crazy bug


You probably heard collnod èr, i.e. "apostrophe ar", i.e. 'r :)


Hahahahaha no way!


I have raised a Duolingo bug report about "collnod èr". Thank you, @ibisc, for explaining. It's strange, but neither my question nor your answer seems to show on the discussion at the moment, though I did get an e-mail with your answer. I didn't get any acknowledgement of my bug report either, but we live in hope. Thank you again. Great course.

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