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  5. "Sana her şeyi anlatırım."

"Sana her şeyi anlatırım."

Translation:I tell you everything.

April 12, 2016



So "I explain everything to you" could also be correct?


Are "anlatmak" and "söylemek" completely synonymous and interchangeable?


No. Anlatmak means to explain or to tell a story/situation (more than one sentence). Söylemek is used for only one sentence. Söylemek can also mean to say except for direct speeches.

In this sentence söylemek is also fine.


Wouldn't "I WILL tell you everything be the correct translation?


"I will explain everything to you" is accepted


I think "i tell you everything" is a bit different from "i will tell you everything". The former indicates a general habit of me telling you everything. I've already told you things in the past and, unless something happens, i will continue to tell you everything. The latter implies a future event with no indication that I've told you everything about an event in the past.


"Sana her şeyi anlatırım". As written, without any context given, the English translation given is "I tell you everything". This could also be interpreted to mean "I will tell you everything".


Is there any reason to not just simply "Yarın sana her şeyi anlataçağım"?


Mirage, as you say, it is an interpretation, not a translation.

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