"I got up at a quarter to eight."

Translation:Mi wnes i godi am chwarter i wyth.

April 12, 2016

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Why is "Codais am..." an acceptable way of saying "I got up at..."? I have never seen anything explaining that the "i" can be dropped. Can you drop the "ti" in "Codaist ti" as well?


In colloquial Welsh the pronoun after a conjugated verb is rarely dropped - best to keep them in on this course and in normal conversation.

Welsh has a number of registers of formality ranging from slang to very formal literary Welsh. In the more formal registers it is usual to omit the pronoun after a conjugated verb or preposition, and slightly different forms of these tend to be used as well.


It did explicitly say in the tips&notes that this would not be used in this lesson though… Actually it was this very thing that confused me here. I did recognise the drop and I knew dropping does happen sometimes, but due to that sentence in the tips I thought something had to be wrong anyways (maybe if you drop the pronoun that should causes mutation somewhere if the sentence was correct, who knows).


Neither of the currently accepted answers has dropped the pronoun:

  • Codais i ...
  • Mi wnes i godi...

If you are using the app you should make sure that it is the latest version.


I got "Codais am chwarter i wyth" as one of two correct alternatives (the other being "Mi wnes i godi..." if I remember correctly) in a multiple choice question on desktop. Maybe another one of those cases where duolingo is taking its time to actually implement changes that have long been made?


That is defintely not a current answer. Are you using the app or the web-site?


The subject follows immediately after the verb - codais i would not get split up, for example.


The website.

I mean in theory it's possible I failed to notice the i; I can't check it anymore, now... But it would surprise me seeing that it was precisely the absense of an i which threw me off and I do usually double check my mistakes. Can the pronoun be moved to some other place than directly after "codais" maybe? I'd think I'd still notice it when double checking at least, but it's entirely possible that I wasn't thorough enough and just looked where I expected to find it.


In that case I don't know what could have gone wrong... I'll try and pay attention once more the next time it comes up.


I got 'Codais am chwarter i wyth' as correct alternative too. Didn't tick it because i missed the 'i'. Hence my look here. So I take it it is genuinly acceptable to put it that way, but not normal for this course. Good to know. I am using the site too, by the way


I have just (8th Sep) checked this again to make sure that the subject 'i is not dropped after the verb codais - it is normal in the formal register of the language, but unusual in the colloquial language and so should not be appearing or being accepted on this course.

You should make sure that you are using the latest version of the app - there are frequent updates to it which sometimes include catching up with our changes to the course database.


App versions should not be an issue for browser users, though, should they?

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