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  5. "Large and tasty coffee"

"Large and tasty coffee"

Translation:Duża i smaczna kawa

April 12, 2016



Okay, how do I figure out which form of duże to use?


The form of every adjective depends on the gender of a noun:

If a noun is feminine then you should use dużA : duża kawa, duża miska

If a noun is masculine use dużY : duży dom, duży stół

If a noun is neuter use dużE : duże zwierzę, duże okno

For plural there are two forms:

duzi for groups of people if there's at least one man there: duzi chłopacy, duzi ludzie

duże for all the other nouns: duże okna, duże miski, duże kobiety

Duolingo shows the gender of a noun next to the translation. But if you are still not sure how the form you need sounds like, you can check at Wiki: https://pl.wiktionary.org/


*duzi ż is softened by i to "źi" and is written "zi"


oh, thank you! Corrected the original message


Thank you so much.


large is wielka


I am getting confused about accusative or nominative case here!


Here we just have a phrase on its own, outside of any sentence, so the translation should use the basic case - Nominative.


Why not "Duża i smaczna kawę"?


The adjectives don't match the noun grammatically in your answer. Your adjectives are in Nominative, but "kawę" is Accusative. It should be "Duża i smaczna kawa", in Nominative (because this is just a phrase outside of a sentence, so it should take Nominative, which is the basic case).

If it was a sentence like "I am drinking a large and tasty coffee", that would be "Piję dużą i smaczną kawę", with "large and tasty coffee" being a direct object and thus taking Accusative.

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