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English grammar in Spanish lessons

I know this shouldn't be a priority on a to-do list, but I bet there are a lot of non native English speakers who use this website. I'm one of them. Sometimes, when I learn Spanish, I come to a "tricky" exercise. Here is only one example (there are more): http://i.imgur.com/0HcHaKK.png

I think this kind of multiple choice answers are pointless, because the "trick" is in the English grammar.

January 22, 2013



I'm a native English speaker and I sometimes get these wrong because I don't notice the difference between a/an at a glance, which feels like an unfair trick. You're basically being tested on your English knowledge rather than your Spanish.


I know what you mean and I am also not a native English speaker but I find it challenging to improve my English. BTW the example you gave is really simple and I believe more of a beginner level, which you obviously are not.


Yes, you're right. It is really simple, but what about timed practice? Another example of this English grammar: Nosotros somos. -> We are us. / It is us.

In my native language I understand Spanish sentence "Nosotros somos" as "We are" in English, which is marked as false answer. Also I had trouble knowing when to use "the" or "a / an" in Spanish to English translations.

I think the website should accept semi-correct grammatical translations (if they are translated correctly, see my example above), but it should also warn user about grammatical mistakes that were made.

Edit: http://i.imgur.com/TweBPXG.png


i totally agree!

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