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  5. "Durant la nuit"

"Durant la nuit"

Translation:During the night

January 22, 2013



Any native speakers care to chime in regarding Durant versus Pendant, please?


"Pendant" is more frequently used and "durant" is a bit more formal. Otherwise, they're pretty much interchangeable and the difference between the two is similar to the difference between while ("pendant") and during ("durant"). Not a native speaker, got that from here: http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=371805, so feel free to correct me.


Does "pendant" also mean "although" (like how English "while" can be either "during" or "although")?



"Pendant" = "during".

"Pendant que" = "while" (at the same time)

"Bien que" = "while" (although)

"Alors que" = "while" (whereas)


What about 'through the night'?


Yes, I wrote "throughout the night" and it didn't like that. Does "durant" have a flavor of being momentary ("in [durant] the night, the vase crashed on the floor")? Or does it also (or instead!) have an implication of being ongoing ("in [durant] the night, the bird sleeps")?


I tried that too because of an earlier explanation of the slight difference between pendant and durant. My Collins translates 'throughout' as 'durant tout(e) le/la'.


Is this common in French? I've generally come across "pendant" for this meaning.


Was just gonna ask if it was "more correct" to use "pendant" instead of "durant"!


anyone else find the audio for this sentence terribly mispronounced? it sounds to me like "jereau la nuit", and nothing like durant.


Yah kinda like saying djurant


funny... i heard "durant" ok, but could not make out the "n" in nuit ... hoping more familiarity and context will be more help in the future... :)


so has "durant" the same meaning as "pendant"?


The hints say Durant translates as 'lasting', yet lasting the night isn't accepted, what would you use for 'we went to a gig lasting the (whole) night'?


New word, no meaning given by Duo. Again.


Really unfair that I have to try and guess a new word by sound, when I have never encountered it before...


Just an advice for the english speakers who have trouble with pendant and durant: for the most of the time there isn't a most correct word or a most used. They are synonymous, just that. In latin languages synonymous are very more frequent than in the english language. And synonymous are used, without rules and without "what is most used", it really depends which word the person fells like saying at the time.

I know this fells annoying, but this is what makes latin languages more lively.


Surely you jest. Though not my first language, I fell in LOVE with this most splendid amalgam of European languages very early in my life........my sadness has been great (interesting synonym, also consider "terrible" as a synonym for "very") to see how it has devolved not only en Amerique but in the country of it's origin. It seems somewhat dangerous there to speak it today as it was in Somewhat Recent times with the most appropriate dialect and vocabulary to suit the language......it is "thought ill of".......a rebellion against all kinds of things.....please don't throw the cat out with the cat litter....it REALlY is GRAND!!!


Can durant la nuit be during night? (Is during night bad english? )



Yes "during night" is incorrect English.


You sleep……….I creep


I know the feel tu feel mid French sentence. (silent moment.)


Pourquoi pas PENDANT la nuit?


Should "At night" also be an acceptable English translation?


Eye roat kevin durant und it seiys its rong. Iim sueing dooOOlingO


Durant. Basically Spanish "durante" without the "e" at the end. Ah, Latin. :)


Sounds like minuit not nuit. She often drops off at the end of a sentence

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