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  5. "Где собака девочки?"

"Где собака девочки?"

Translation:Where is the girl's dog?

April 12, 2016



Does the "ки" make this possessive? How would you say "Where is the dog, girls?"


I'm late to the party, and you've probably delved much deeper into genitive since your posting, but, the ки at the end of девочка can form the genitive. One of the functions of genitive is to demonstrate ownership. If you like, you can translate this sentence, rather wordily in English, to, "Where is the dog of the girl?" It is potentially most common in English to form a simple possessive as, "Where is the girl's dog?", though of course we use "x of the y" in English often enough as well. "The land of my forefathers" is an example I always think of.

Девочки, где собака? Girls, where is the dog? I won't speak for native Russian speakers, but I'd probably put the direct address at the beginning of the sentence. If I phrased it, Где собака, девочки?, I'd probably have to put a long pause on the comma to avoid ambiguity.


I would like to know this too.


I typed, "Where is the girls' dog?" and got it right. Since that messes up a plural, shouldn't it be counted wrong?


I think the computer is having a problem because the plural nominative form looks like the singular genitive form. Try reporting it.

<pre> Singular Plural </pre>

Nominative де'вочка де'вочки

Genitive де'вочки де'вочек

Dative де'вочке де'вочкам

Accusative animate де'вочку де'вочек

Instrumental де'вочкой, де'вочкою де'вочками

Locative де'вочке де'вочках

So, plural genitive would be девочек .


This sentence is out of place in this module - we have not gotten to possessive nouns yet.


I'm curious about the word order on this. Why is 'girl's' at the end of the sentence and not in the middle


Think of it as "the dog of the girl", except Russian do not use the words "of" or "the".


How else can I say a sentence like that, about a girl possessing a dog?


it cant be ''where is the dog's girl?''


The girl's dog: The girl who owns a dog. So that dog is her pet.

The dog's girl: the dog that owns a girl. That girl is its pet x_x


Where is the girl is dog? I have my suspicions about this being the correct translation.

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