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"I never want to eat sandwiches."

Translation:Je ne veux jamais manger de sandwichs.

January 22, 2013



I do not understand why both:

Je ne veux jamais manger des sandwiches. Je ne veux jamais manger de sandwichs.

Are offered as correct statements - are both sandwichs and sandwiches correct plurals and if so why is sandwichs with "de" but sandwiches with "des"?


I think 'sandwichs' and 'sandwiches' are both correct plurals. However, in a negative sentence the article 'de' should generally substitute the indefinite articles 'un', 'une' or 'des'


I agree. When using the negation "ne," "un(e)" and "des" become "de"


PS one major exception is when the noun is further specified by an adjective: je n'ai pas une grande pomme rouge.


The 2 are corrects. You can use "de" or "des" with each.


then why did i get it wrong?


"Je ne veux jamais manger des sandwichs". Pourquoi pas? Quelqu'un? Merci


I was taught that in school (French classes taught for English speakers) negation "des" becomes "de". DamienLiu says that above as well.


But the negation here is of "manger", not of "sandwichs" themselves. I.e. "Je ne veux pas de SANDWICHS" would be correct, but "Je ne veux pas MANGER" can be followed by "des" or "les". Scattolini, I think your answer is correct.


That's an interesting difference. I'll keep that in mind.


In "Il n'y a rien a manger" why is there 'a' before manger but in this sentence there is no 'a' before manger ?


There's no direct correlation between French and English in terms of when when you use "à + infinitive" and when to use only the infinitive. With things like "Je veux/voudrais manger", "Il faut manger", "On va manger" etc., where you have a verb immediately preceding, you don't need "à" before the infinitive. There's probably a better rule of thumb & way of explaining, but that's how I think of it


And where is the "pas"???I wrote:je ne veux pas jamais manger.....


Doesn't jamais replace pas for negativity? Somebody please confirm ?


"Pas" can be remplaced, that will change the meaning however, for example:

Je ne mange jamais = I never eat. Je ne mange pas = I am not eating.

also... Je ne mange rien = I eat nothing. Je ne mange que des pommes = I only eat apples.


As a native french speaker I agree.


I believe that is a Quebec version, not the France-French being taught here.

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