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"O yargıç bebeklerden nefret ediyor."

Translation:That judge hates babies.

April 12, 2016



I really want to be able to give lingots to the sentences themselves. This course has some excellent sentences.

[deactivated user]

    Why is it "bebeklerden"? what is the -DEN adding to this?


    The verb "to hate" (nefret etmek) takes the ablative case. The thing that you hate will take the -DAn suffix :)

    [deactivated user]

      ah okay.. teşekkürler :)


      There has to be a comma after "Yargıç" in order to avoid misunderstanding. Although someone with a common sense can predict that a baby cannot be a judge, it is not grammatically correct. Let me explain;

      "O yargıç, bebeklerden nefret ediyor." → "That judge hates babies.",

      "O, yargıç bebeklerden nefret ediyor." → "He/she/it hates baby judges."


      i thought the -den here means 'from' hahaha


      Actually it is .. because the nefert is taken from arabic and it means ( to step away from something you don't like ) so turkish took it with its Preposition (from) but with different meaning


      This makes more sense thanxx


      It does... in a literal word-for-word translation, at least. "nefret" = hate ; "etmek" = to make /to do. So... from babies he makes hate, LOL!


      Why is it bebeklerden? I thought the plural wasn't used to make a general statement about that object. Why not "O yargıç bebekden nefret ediyor".


      Duo marked me right as soon as the audio played, before I could answer. Reported. (30 Ekim 2020)


      Where to use ediyor

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