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About PolishPod101.com

OK, so I've heard about this website, I personally refuse to pay for online courses for language learning and I heard about this site and it seems a little fishy. I got this notification from the site with some "free" offer with $1 bandwidth, is this really free? Second of all, is this site really fully free? Or is it a one-year/month/week thing.

Please be honest!!!

April 12, 2016



There's more than just PolishPod101.com; there's at least 30 more languages they are teaching on Innovative101. You don't have to pay for it if you don't want to. You get a 7-day trial of the membership and then from there, you can be a free member and learn the first three podcasts of every lesson. The nice thing is that the first three podcasts of each lesson are the mere essentials and everything else is learn-able from other lessons or just by understanding the language. It's okay; basically they teach by breaking up phrases and words into the smallest pieces they can to make you understand what you're literally saying, and to pronounce things correctly. I use it sometimes, usually just for pronunciation. They also have videos, as well.


Go for it, but make sure you stop the automatic renewal straight away. I've tried their japanese course using the same offer, and liked it. With its focus on audio, it's a good companion to Duolingo. Its marketing IS a little fishy, but the site is great.


So is it free or not?


The offer is free except for the $1, after that you have to pay for full access, but you get some content for free, as DragonPolyglot explains in more detail. If I remember correctly, you get a month trial for your first language and 7 days for any subsequent ones.

I recommend downloading their app, and downloading lessons while you have premium access for free. Once downloaded, these will be available after the trial period is over too.


I use their free lessons plus their YouTube lessons which are completely free. They are good for audio!


I can't say anything specifically about Polish content of theirs, but based on opinions on this forum and on GermanPod101, I would guess it is most probably at least good, if not very good.

As for the fishy part, you might want to check this topic, before making any decisions involving credit card. ;-)


Not using it anymore, but for audio practice is good. I was using it mainly for japanese, so I can't talk about polishpod. I suppose it's the same method.

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