"Which ones do they like?"

Translation:Lesquels aiment-ils ?

January 22, 2013



Why can't it be "Lesquels ils aiment?"

April 24, 2013


I wonder if "Ils aiment lesquelles?" would be correct. Does anyone know if that or the above answer are right?

September 12, 2013


I input Elles ailment lesquelles? and it was right :)

November 6, 2014


I cannot answer definitively but my French teacher told me there are 3 ways to ask a question and "Ils aimient lesquelles" is one of them.

August 31, 2014


I believe it's because you're asking a question. Try googling "french interrogative subject verb inversion" for explanations from people more knowledgeable than myself :)

December 1, 2015


I said "lesquels est-ce qu'ils aiment ?" Does any one know why this is wrong ?

June 17, 2013


“lesquels“ plural, “est-ce“ singular... maybe? Anyway, “sont-ce“ isn't used, it seems.

February 20, 2014


I guess this makes sense, but could someone please explain if this is the right explanation?

February 12, 2015


Why is it necessary to put "bien" after aiment-ils?

May 2, 2016


Er how to decide between Lesquels and lesquelles aiment-ils?

January 31, 2013


I'm no expert, but I think you can decide based on the gender, which will usually be provided contextually. Lesquels is masculine; lesquelles is feminine. So you could have "lesquels aiment-ils" or "lesquelles aiment-elles" for the masculine plural or feminine plural, respectively.

October 21, 2014


Although you are righr in saying that the choice is based on gender, it not the gender of the subject which determines it: you could have "lesquelles aiment-ils?" if the lesquelles is referring to something feminine, eg 'which girls'. If no context is provided, you should be able to use either (although the French typically default to the masculine form)

April 18, 2015


Is "lesquels ils-aiment bien?" wrong?

January 22, 2013


I'm not entirely sure. However, there would be no hyphen between ils and aiment in your sentence anyway as it is not an inversion. Only use hyphens when inverting (e.g. aiment-ils). To be safe, I would use inversion after lequel and it's variants (laquelle, lesquels etc), and 'lesquels aiment-ils' is of course what Duolingo recommends.

January 22, 2013


Okay, thank you! Forgot about the hyphen!

January 23, 2013


I said "Lesquels aiment-t-ils?", which is incorrect. When is the "-t-" appropriate?

January 24, 2015


The "-t-" has the purpose of avoiding two vowel sounds in a sequence. If you have "Il aime lesquels?" and want to invert it, you have "Lesquels aime-t-il?" to avoid pronouncing the "e" in "aime" and the "i" in "il" in a row. In the case of the plural subject ("Lesquels aiment-ils?") you don't have vowels in a sequence between words, so you don't need the "-t-". I hope this helps...

February 12, 2015


Just a bit tricky of French. Ils aiment would end with a vowel sound, effectively. Aiment-ils does not. Interesting!

January 8, 2019


Why not Aiment-ils lesquelles?

April 12, 2015


Is "Lesquels est-ce qu'ils aiment?" wrong?

August 20, 2016


It should've been lesquels ils aiment

November 17, 2016


why is the verb before everything else? why not lesquelles ils aiment bien?

November 23, 2016


Could someone remind me of the website where you can plug in French text and hear it spoken? I don't know where to begin pronouncing this sentence...

March 19, 2017


Try. Reverso.com. it is one of my favorites for context too

March 20, 2017


Can anybody help me when do we use "lesquelle" and "laquelle"?

July 6, 2018


Laquelle is used for a singular feminine noun. Lesquelles is for more than one feminine object. The dress? Which one? La robe ? Laquelle ?. The dresses? Which ones? Les robes ? Lesquelles ?

July 8, 2018


Thank you ^^

September 28, 2018


why isn't lesquelles est-ce qu'ils aiment? marked right? when I learned inversion as questions in french i know i could say aiment-ils but i could also say est-ce qu'ils aiment, it's longer yes, but it's still correct

September 27, 2018


The only inversion i have been able to find on any grammar site for this sentence is lesquelles aiment -ils?

September 28, 2018


I have this question too, though I answered a bit incorrectly:

Laquelles est-ce que elles aiment? -- missed the qu'elles bit ... also tried que ils (instead of qu'ils).

December 5, 2018
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