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Do you have an API that an external developer could use? I would like to create a widget based on Duo for android devices. Is it possible?

PS I'm not sure if it is the right place for the question. =)

4 years ago


Currently there is no external API for Duolingo, although I know that a couple of people are trying to make applications by scraping data from the website. They may implement one in time, but I think that their focus at the moment is on the Incubator and adding some more courses.

4 years ago

I would love this too. Atm I would even just love to know if it's ok to use the set of Duolingo vocabulary as well as the name (ie "Duolingo Spanish Vocabulary") in our own applications developed to augment the site.

4 years ago

I have suggested this in the past. Glad to know somebody agrees.

4 years ago
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