"Uczeń pisze książkę."

Translation:The pupil is writing a book.

April 13, 2016

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I always thought that pupils are only in Great Britain. Kids who go to school in America are called students.


True, as far as I know. But the fact that America uses the same word for kids in school and people studying at a university is very problematic from the point of view of this course, because in Polish those are totally different words.

Generally, American English is in our main answers, however if the American word is ambiguous (as here) and the British one isn't, we use the British answer as the main one. Another example: using "trousers" and not "pants".

Obviously you can translate "uczeń" to the American "student" and it should work.


Americans call them pupils too.


Any difference between "student" and "uczeń"?


Wow, kids advance quickly in Polish schools. He hasn't even finished high school and he's already writing a book!


You get students more in the UK these days. Especially in secondary school


Now I get it. In italian we use "student" for all kind of students, from elementary school to university. I honestly didn't know that in british english and in polish as well there was this difference


"Pupil writes a book" was wrong, I mean it is but I usually don't bother that much with English articles and present continuous (for Polish courses on Duolingo I mean) and it's always accepted.


This is wrong "pupil" is not student


"uczeń" is someone in school, not at the university, and therefore the British word "pupil" is the closest translation, as "student" would be ambiguous.

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