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New Voice!

Duolingo has a new male voice for Dutch!

April 13, 2016



I don't like it at all, i can't understand what he says. "Zowel" is pronounced "schowel", "lees" was more like "blees"... on higher level i guess it's better but where i am right now, i'd rather stick to the lady for easier comprehension! (on smartphone that is)


I think it's better than the old one; Much smoother, didn't have any clipped words. Also way faster and therefore harder to understand, but that's exactly how it feels with native speakers.

Didn't have any issues with static or voice being too soft like other people complained in separate threads. For me a definite improvement.


When the new voice is good, I think he's very good but... when he is off, it's not nice at all.

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    Unlike Mevrouw Google Translate he sounds like a real person, which is nice.


    It seems I'm going against the majority here but I absolutely love the new voice. It sounds more like an actual Dutchman speaking, which can only benefit the learner. Getting used to the new voice will only strengthen and expand on the skills you're acquiring in the language. Furthermore, it will train you to speak more naturally. Female voices dominate the courses here and can be difficult to mimic. In a perfect world, there'd be an option whether to hear a male or a female on every Duolingo course, tailoring accents to the learner's needs.


    I looooved the new one too! As well as i love the greek voices.

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    I just got the new guy's voice and I think it's great! After more than one year of streak with the same voice it's a refreshing feature, it's faster and it chews words just like a real person, so that's pure gold for practicing at my level. Thank you Dutch team, you people are amazing!


    I have completed the course with the female voice, read lots of Dutch children's books and watched Dutch children's programs. Even after all this, the only Dutch voice I can understand is Nijntje ( a pre-school program) as the narrator speaks very slowly. Even on programs such as Het Sinterklaasjournaal they speak far too fast. The new male voice sounds much more like Dutch people actually speak so this could be very helpful at my stage, although I think the female voice is better for the early stages. Please keep the male voice as I need something to bridge the gap between what I can understand from reading (books for 10-11 year-olds) and what I can understand from listening (programs for 2-3 year-olds ). As for Dutch people, I can hardly understand anything they say. Maybe start with the female and swap voices at a certain level? Either this or give the learner a choice.

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