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"D'fhill sí le carr agus buachaill nua."

Tried to post this on the question, but it froze on me.

The "agus buachaill nua" gets translated as "and a new boyfriend", but could this phrase be understood as "with a new boy", as in a baby boy? Would a native speaker always understand this as "she came back with a lover", or could it mean she came back with the result of one instead?

April 13, 2016



Buachaill wouldn’t be used to refer to a baby. It could refer to an older child, which in the context of this sentence might refer to one who was recently adopted.


Where is the English translation? I don't see any English translation?


You can't give Lingots to a Sentence Discussion. This isn't a Sentence Discussion, it's a user post in the Irish Topic.

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