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  5. "My dogs are big."

"My dogs are big."

Translation:Moje psy są duże.

April 13, 2016



shouldn't is be "Moi psy?" .. isn't dog masculine?


In plural there are two forms:

Masculine animated personal - multiple human males

Non- masculine animated personal - everything else

As dogs are not human males -> 'moje psy'


I don't know when to use 'duzy'


I believe duży is in the case of masculine singular, or referring to a single masculine object like koń, pomidor, mężczyzna, etc.


I really wish they would implement a function to every lesson that explains the grammatical structures and special cases and exceptions. I wonder why they haven't done it already. They have something like that in the Chinese course so...


In the browser version, a part of the course has Tips that you can read before starting the lessons.


"są" sounds like "cą" when pronounced in isolation by the male voice


We started testing new voices (Google TTS) and I am quite confident that they will soon replace the old ones. Therefore I don't think there's much sense in reporting issue for the old voices, I believe they will soon be gone.


That is french and this is polish obviously it's not going to be cą

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