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Several issues - vocabulary page

I am aware that you are probably reworking the vocabulary page but I still wanted to report some of the issues just in case: (first one has already been reported)

  1. These words (verfügen, Käse, wieviel, Westen, geben, einzeln) from my German vocabulary aren't being picked up for practice.

  2. If I try to practice the word "verfügen" it throws me back to my homepage.

  3. Bonus skills' vocabulary isn't integrated with my main German vocabulary. (or it is a display issue) example: "Stern" in the skill Christmas is 2 bars while in my vocabulary it is 3 bars.

January 13, 2014

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From following topics in Discussion, I know that #3 is purposefully done by Duolingo. You can practice the bonus skills whenever you like, but, no, it isn't integrated with the main vocabulary and will not prompt you to practice it.

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