"Quantity or quality?"

Translation:Ilość czy jakość?

April 13, 2016

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I think it is possible, "ilość lub jakość"


This question really suggests that it is either one or the other, so "czy" is rather the only option that makes sense.


dlaczego nie moze byc "ilosc albo jakosc"? Dziekuje


To put it simply, we generally use „czy” in questions and „albo” otherwise. Both would then mean "one or the other, but not both".


and lub also not possible?


„Lub” means "either of two or both", although in casual speech it sometimes shares its meaning with „albo”.


"albo" also means or


What is the difference between ilość and wartość?


Well... the same as between quantity and value, those aren't even close in meaning...


What criteria are when albo is possible?

And also common question: why page with grammar rules is not available on mobile application before starting lessons?

  1. In questions, you usually use "czy", because you usually mean something like "do you choose answer A or answer B? you have to choose, you can't choose both". Although "albo" could work in a question like "How about we go to the movies? Or maybe we could go to the park?" - those are two suggestions, maybe your interlocutor won't like any of those.

  2. That's the company's decision, the so-called "Tips&Notes" are considered an old format that is supposedly not suitable for mobile. Only the new format called just "Tips" is available on phones, but so far only the major courses use it, we're still waiting.

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