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ESL Teacher Arabic students unable to type in Arabic on Computer

I teach ESL to students from several countries. My Spanish speaking students are fine when using the English keyboard because we have the same alphabet. However, my Arabic and Punjabi students are unable to type in their native languages because of the difference in the alphabet. They can use Duolingo on their phones, but I would like them to use Duolingo in the computer lab with the rest of my students. Do you know if there is anything I can do?

April 13, 2016



If you're talking about a problem with the keyboard, there are many add-ons and accessories for computers that allow you to type in almost any language. If you're talking about an issue in the classroom since you can't have two languages being taught in the same classroom on Duolingo, (I Think) you can create a new classroom for your Arabic and Punjabi students that is separate from the other classroom.


You can install additional languages/keyboard maps on your computers (it's a relatively simple process but the school may not let you).

You can then use a keyboard short cut to switch between layouts. For example, by default my keyboard uses an extended English layout with ǔ, ß, å, ñ, etc. for European languages. Then I can hit ctrl+alt+space to switch to Japanese (日本語) text input without taking my hands off the board.

Convenient on duolingo as you may be asked to switch alphabets several times per lesson.

There are instructions on the wiki (http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Guide_to_keyboard_layouts_and_input_methods)


You can change the input methods on Windows without much trouble. I've got English, Turkish, Japanese and Polish on my computer. I also have a touch keyboard which means that I can click on the keyboard on the screen. This mean that your students won't have to remember the keyboard layout. You can add additional keyboards in the Time and Language Settings on Windows 10. You can enable the touch keyboard here as well.

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