"Why have you not introduced me to your friend?"

Translation:Dlaczego nie przedstawiłeś mnie swojemu przyjacielowi?

April 13, 2016

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Why is it "przedstawiłyście mnie" and not "mnie przedstawiłyście"?


"Czemu mnie nie przedstawiłyście..."? Seems acceptable, added.


It doesn't work with "dlaczego": why is it okay with "czemu" and not "dlaczego"?


"Dlaczego mnie nie przedstawiłyście swojemu przyjacielowi" is among the accepted answers.


Audio is missing for przedstawiliście


So twojemu is used for both you guys and you(singular) ?


Actually, not. It appears this sentence has just an incorrect default translation (the creators wanted to include all possible translations and got carried away).


That's what I thought, thanks.


No, it's because in Polish - English You (plurar and not) - have different meanings "ТY" and "WY" and that sentence can mean both of them because of that


You meant "ty" and "wy".

"My" is 1st person plural, "we".


Polish sentence is grammatically correct, but needs some vivid imagination

Why haven't you guys introduced me to thee friend?


Can one use 'Przyjacielu' here as well?


No. "przyjacielu" is either Locative or Vocative, you need Dative here.


To zdanie "Dlaczego nie przedstawiłeś mi twojemu przyjacielowi?" było bładem, czy nie jest cielownikem?


To zdanie jest błędne.

"przedstawić" wymaga celownika dla osoby, której kogoś przedstawiamy ("twojemu przyjacielowi") ale biernika dla osoby, którą przedstawiamy ("mnie"). Ponieważ w tym zdaniu jest negacja ("nie przedstawiłeś"), zamiast biernika używamy dopełniacza, który jednak jest identyczny ("mnie").

"Dlaczego nie przedstawiłeś mi twojego przyjaciela?" byłoby poprawne, ale znaczyłoby coś trochę innego, czyli "Why have you not introduced your friend to me?".


Ahh, rozumiem! To ma sens! Bardzo dziękuję.


Could swojemu be used instead of twojemu?


I don't think so, because "swój" (and it's declensions) has to be used when pointing to a specific and clear subject it belongs to, without any other possible "owner" in the sentence. And because it's two possible "owners" here (the person speaking and the person being spoken to), "swojemu" could also point to the speaker of the sentence. Although it is unlikely in this construction, it is still possible. And as always, just a fellow learner, so please feel free to chime in if necessary :)


I beg to differ. Swój refers to the subject of the sentence, and it doesn't really matter who the speaker is. (In this case the subject is ty which is implied by the verb declension) I would actually never use twojemu in this case, only swojemu.


Thank you very much again, Alik, for the helpful correction. I guess the best way to find out if one really understands something is to explain it! Have a nice day :)


The task with the sentence "Dlaczego nie _ (przedstawiliście) mnie twojemu przyjacielowi?" has a small inaccuracy. It contains word "Twojemu" in its unchangeble part.

Duolingo asked me to complete the translation by writing the word "przedstawiliście" and then reported that I had a typo in the word "swojemu".

P.S. It was a false statement. I had to guess that this sentence needed a singular. It was obvious. Vengir is right.


I think I have a theory of what might have happened. This sentence have many possible answers, and Duolingo expected you to use "przedstawiłeś", because "twojemu" is singular. Instead, you used the plural "przedstawiliście" which would require either "waszemu" or "swojemu", the latter of which is correct in both singular and plural.

When you submitted your answer for verification, Duolingo checked the whole sentence instead of just the single word it was asking you to fill and concluded that it was incorrect. It found that one of the valid translations (when you need to type the entire sentence) is different from your version by only one letter ("twojemu" vs "swojemu") and came into a conclusion that you made a typo in that other word.


I think we would need to see a screenshot to enable us to understand what went wrong here....


What about: "Dlaczego nie przedstawiłeś mnie do twojemu przyjacielowi?" ? It was given wrong, but i think the "do" was too much here!?


Is there not a case clash here? According to https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/do#Polish "do" takes genitive, but "twojemu przyjacielowi" is dative.

Also, is not "do" more about motion towards a place?


In the mobile app, twojemu is not offered. The answer uses waszemu.


Why is mi not acceptable here?? Instead of mnie, I mean.


The structure is:

To introduce [someone] [to someone].

Przedstawiać [kogoś] [komuś].

Verb [direct object, accusative] [indirect object, dative].

Mnie is accusative, mi is dative.


Many of these long words are not spoken by voice


Huh? All the words are pronounced for me.


I have noticed that when I do the lessons on my phone that sometimes some of the longer words are not spoken, but never when I do them on my laptop. It is possible that it has something to do with the operating system of our particular devices. This is just a guess, however.


I wrote "dlaczego nie przedstawiłeś mnie twoją przyjaciółką " (for some reason the friend was a girl in my mind), was I wrong?


The case required is Dative, so you need "twojej (or swojej) przyjaciółce".

Take a look at the declensions at:

https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/przyjaci%C3%B3%C5%82ka#Polish and at:



Indeed, thank you - I keep mixing up instrumental and dative, for some darned reason.


Why is the plural form the only correct answer? -You- in English can be both przedstawiliscie and/or przedstawiłeś (masc. ) and /or przedstawiłaś (fem. )can't it?


The default answer I see is "Dlaczego nie przedstawiłeś mnie twojemu przyjacielowi?", so the singular answer is probably accepted. What was your answer exactly?


The default "correct" answer at the top of Duo's list of correct answers is the answer using "przedstawiliście"; therefore, if you made some error in your answer, the answer that you are likely to be shown would be the answer with "przedstawiliście".


The correct answer shows przedstawiliście. The hint shows przedstawilyście which is shown as wrong if used. Why?


It looks to me that both are accepted, but, really, we need to know the entire sentence that you put in.

If you made some other error, the first "correct" sentence from Duo's list of correct sentences uses "przedstawiliście".

(You didn't by any chance use "twojemu"?)


The answer I gave was exact except for using przedstawiłyście instead of przedstawiłiście. It said the answer was wrong.


"przedstawilyście" misses one special character, it should be "przedstawiłyście".

"przedstawiłiście" on the other hand has a special character where it shouldn't.

The hints... frankly, if the system still works as it should, I think it should have given you "przedstawiłeś" on top. If the very old bug is fixed, then it should give you three out of the following four correct options: "przedstawiłeś" (you introduced, John), "przedstawiłaś" (you introduced, Sue), "przedstawiłyście" (you introduced, Sue and Sara) and "przedstawiliście" (you introduced, John and Sue/John and Steve).


The audio is missing for the puzzle piece "przedstawiliście"


I changed something behind the scenes so the only form of this verb among the pieces will be "przedstawiłeś", which has audio.


I think the "best translation" should use "swojemu" here.


It sure does. Changed now.

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