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  5. "The duck is swimming south."

"The duck is swimming south."

Translation:Утка плывёт на юг.

April 13, 2016



why is утка плавает на юг not accepted?

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"Плывёт" means "is swimming" while "плавает" indicates regularity or habit, so it would corresponds to something like "usually/typically/normally swims". So if the duck usually swims South (and then flies North) - your sentence can potentially make sense, otherwise - no.


плывёт is unidirectional - one-way, to a destination. In several months, the duck will swim, again one-way, north.

Except that ducks usually fly when they migrate, so that makes me wonder if the duck swimming "to the south" isn't just a particular direction right now, and the duck will swim in other directions as it navigates the lake or pond it is in. In that case, multi-directional swimming would be appropriate, I should think, and that would validate using плавает.

It should be reported. If a duck is swimming, it's just wandering around a body of water, it's not headed somewhere.


それはなんですか。 おれわなにですかそれでめゆさじあさあさよび、 何卒宜しくお願い致します、 かしこまりました、 させていただきます!

Try to translate this awkward sentence.

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