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  5. "Questo posto è vuoto?"

"Questo posto è vuoto?"

Translation:Is this spot empty?

January 13, 2014



I am Italian and I think that nobody in my country says "Questo posto è vuoto?", everybody would say "Questo posto è libero?"


"Is this seat taken?" was marked wrong. I've no problem with that, but how do you learn to deal with situations is which something and its opposite mean the same thing?


I am of the opinion that idiomatically it means the same thing, so should be marked as correct for an English translation. Certainly if I was translating a book from Italian I would write "Is this seat taken?" rather than "Is this spot empty?" But it's hard for Duolingo to have all these idiomatic possibilities ready for us.


Sapolion - you "learn to deal" by recognizing that translation is best handled by not putting your own interpretation into the meaning. There is no italian word for 'seat' in the lesson. There is no italian word for 'taken'. Simply translate the vocabulary given.


Much more useful sentence than the one about the dead baby :-)


Why not "Is this position vacant?"


That would rather be seen as asking if a job (the 'position') is not filled at the time


That's right. So why is that not a possible translation?


An easy word for me to remember, since 'vuoto' means 'leakage' in Finnish :D


spot seems a curious word to use here. I would never use it for place/seat. I can think of no circumstance in which I would say "Is this spot empty", DL's "correct" answer.


This one should be moved to the idioms section


Does not sound like English to me!

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