"Sie schreibt."

Translation:She writes.

January 22, 2013



Edit: Sie schreiben should be accepted (but isn't a translation of "she writes"). It's a bug, see Zach's screenshots, and report it until it gets fixed. Also, lesson learned, don't go by what is shown in the thread. Screenshots first, delete later. Ignore the rest of my post.

I just deleted a lot of posts that were erroneous, including one that had 30+ upvotes. "Sie schreiben" is not correct.

Sie schreibt. = she writes
Sie schreiben. = you (formal, singular/plural) write
Sie schreiben. = they write

My apologies for deleting most of the comments, but it is quicker and easier this way, and will avoid any further confusion. Thanks Kai for pointing it out.

January 10, 2014


You got the wrong idea about what happened though. A lot of people, including myself a few hours ago, were presented with a question which asked us to pick the correct sentence(s) out of 3 options, including "Sie schreibt" and "Sie schreiben". When clicking on "Sie schreiben" it tells you that only "Sie schreibt" is a correct option. Said form of the question says nothing about translating "She is writing" only that you should select the correct form to complete the sentence. So that is what people, including myself, meant by "Sie schreiben is also correct".

It's a pretty old error that, for some reason, Duolingo has failed to fix, despite what I am sure were and continue to be numerous reports. Actually, I just sent one in myself when I last had this question a few hours ago.

January 10, 2014


Zach is exactly correct. This problem also exists with "Sie schwimmen/schwimmt", except there the correct choice from the drop down menu is schwimmen >.<

I already submit an error report for that, but this is a heads up if you come across that problem in your travels--it wants the opposite answer as here!

January 10, 2014

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Can you find it again and post a screenshot or recreate it in a comment? If it's a bug, it definitely needs to be fixed.

We may have been wrong about what happened, but seeing as this is discussing the sentence "She is writing.", posting "Sie schreiben is correct" is still misleading.

January 10, 2014


Thanks Zach. I'll leave it as is for now until someone can give us a screenshot. Rest assured that the deleted posts are easily undeleted if it is a bug etc...

In the meantime, here's a lingot for your trouble. :-)

January 10, 2014


I agree with kaiengle that simply posting "Schreiben is also correct' is misleading. I personally didn't post the top comment that said that, but I did upvote it. So I think it's probably best to not have a comment like that at the top. Although, until Duolingo fixes this, it will probably happen again.

Now, after mashing the "practice" button for the word "schreiben" in my Vocabulary section, I finally got this sentence again. I really wish we could practice a specific sentence again. Anyway, here are some screenshots showing off the error.



January 10, 2014


Fast service. Thanks Zach, definitely an error. I'll see what I can do...

January 10, 2014


I think this simple sentenc has been put into duloingo in reverse. Here we have to translate 'She is writing' into German, but the question is being presented to us in German rather than English, but of course the German 'Sie' has 3 meanings, not 1, hence this error.

January 11, 2014


Thanks for sharing! Yes, this is an error. Will get fixed.

January 13, 2014


Vindication! Haha :)

January 10, 2014


so what all does "Sie" actually mean? Somewhere along the way, the translator said it means she, you, they, among maybe others.

April 29, 2013


sie= she, they

Sie= you formal

sie hat = she has

sie haben = they have

Sie haben = You (formal) have.

July 19, 2013


Wondering if I could put "she scribes".

August 3, 2013


Incorrect, but a good way to remember the meaning ^.^

December 26, 2013


How is it possible to answer this question? Both "Sie schreibt" and "Sie schreiben" should be correct, but the latter is considered wrong.

February 14, 2014


I was presented with the option of Sie.... Then had to pick a suitable format I suggested Schreiben for they write But told only Sie schreibt was correct (she writes) Which is not the only correct solution.

I have a Screenshot but I do not know how to post it.

February 16, 2014

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Yes, this is a known problem. Read Julika's comment above. It will be fixed.

February 16, 2014


"Stop the clutter!" - R U shouting here?

I almost always choose the shorter form (less typing): "she write" (yes, sometimes without -s) And here is a program error. It says I'm wrong. But it is not wrong it is just sloppy typing. And why is it a good answer? "she", "write", present time (!future, !past), !conditional, !passive, !reported speech, !causation or other. Subject: she; verb: write. I'm learing german (meaning not english) This kind of "error" is a typo max.

February 9, 2015
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