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First Serbian exercise: first 5 Serbian lessons

Try to do next tasks, to see did you learn first 5 lessons...

If you know it good enough, you should go to lesson 6, but if you don't, you should practice previous lessons a bit more.

Take a piece of paper and a pen. Let's start! Good luck! :)

1) Write next letters in Cyrillic: B, I, L, P, Č, Ć, Š, C, E, T, G, H, D, M, Lj.

2) Translate next words: Good day, Bye (formal), Bye (informal), See you ..., Dog, House, No, Yes, Sorry (formal), Sorry (informal).

3) Translate next sentences: Како се зовеш?, Живим у ..., Драго ми је!, Имам дванаест година., Извините, можете ли да ми помогнете?, ја сам ..., они су..., ми смо..., он је..., Ви сте....

4) Translate next numbers: дванаест, пет, један, седам, 18, 14, 10, једанаест, 13, двадесет, 3, два, четири, 6, 8, девет, петнаест, шеснаест, седамнаест, 19.

5) Answer next questions: Колико је сати?, Како се зовеш?, Колико имаш година?, Где живиш?, Одакле долазиш?.

Share your results with me, in comments!

From now, every lesson will be written in Cyrillic.

If you want to support me, you can do it by giving me a lingot. Thanks! :)

Sixth Serbian lesson: Feelings and Emotions

Fifth Serbian lesson: Numbers 1

Fourth Serbian lesson: Basic phrases

Third Serbian lesson: Verb "to be"

Second Serbian lesson: Introduction

First Serbian lesson: Serbian letters and Cyrillic

Table of contents: Serbian lessons

April 13, 2016



I gave you a two lingots. I wish there were a Serbian duolingo course!


i want to give you a lingot, but i do not have any, sorry!


It's ok, thank you anyways! :)

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