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Bug driving me CRAZY!

When I translate sentences, I get credit for open topics based on the words. Often, I "complete"the topics by translating sentences, without completing the lessons. At this point, the lessons all become "reviews," despite the fact that I still don't have a great grasp of the topic. This is very frustrating! Could you make it so that, even after completion, the title of the lessons don't change from "Colors 1/3" to "Review this topic"??


June 8, 2012



Not sure if this option is shown when you pass lessons through translating, but at the right side of the lessons page (just after the 'from the web' translation options) is an achievements panel where you can access all of the previous lessons and even re-do them.


Just completed a lesson-set through translating and it gave me the option to re-do the lessons I'd missed. Myth busted.


@James.reefer: When you click on a skill-set, you should see this page: http://i.imgur.com/HzIvl.png. Clicking on any of the options in the blue area I highlighted will allow you to re-do those lessons.


I feel your agony.. This is why I don't translate half as much as I should.


It would be better if they made you do all of the lessons first and then you could gain skill points in that field by translating words of your already lesson-learned vocabulary.


Beardy - Can you elaborate?

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