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  5. "Моя сестра всё нарисовала."

"Моя сестра всё нарисовала."

Translation:My sister drew everything.

April 14, 2016



она всё нарисовала--does this mean she is very accomplished and has drawn in her life all sorts of things, or does it mean she has finished a certain drawing task (such as making drawings of all the insect specimens collected)?

она всё рисовала--would this mean "she used to draw everything" (but not any more)

Which form would you use for "When she was younger, she drew everything. Now she just does people" or "Yesterday she drew everything we asked her to"?


Certain drawing task.

used to draw or just she was drawing everything.

Когда она была маленькая, она рисовала всё. Сейчас она лишь рисует людей.

Вчера она нарисовала всё, о чем мы её попросили.


I generally think of perfectives in the past tense as translating to "(insert verb) is finished" in English. Thus, I would naturally translate this sentence as "My sister has finished drawing everything". Would this be an accurate translation of this sentence? If not, why not? Also, is my idea of past tense perfectives accurate?


This is a valid translation if you want to stress the meaning of 'having finished' something. However, perfective verbs can also simply mean a one-time action, as opposed to continuous or repeating actions. For example, you can describe a sequence of actions with perfective verbs: Я надел костюм, вышел из дома и пошёл на работу. This should clearly be translated with Past Simple.


How would you say: My sister drew everyone?


Моя сестра всех нарисовала / нарисовала всех. Всё and все follow the usual paradigm of весь ("all, entire"): forms of всё are the same as the neuter singular forms, forms of все are the same as the plural forms.


So, ‘drew’ is the simple perfect of ‘to draw’? Well, what do you know, you learn something new every day! :)


Моя сестра всё нарисовала. What about 'My sister painted everything' or does this verb not mean to paint and to draw? Maybe draw is a better choice over paint BUT WHY? PLEASE if the verb has more than 1 meaning, surely the options must be considered too?


The male TTS voice does not pronounce 'нарисовала' correctly...


just to add a 'perfected' side to drew, i proposed ,'drew up'. it got rejected, but I will claim it as a valid translation


"Drew up" implies something written was created, eg. a document, not a picture


There must be some context of a group comprising everything, because 'my sister would/used to draw everything' would require the imperfect.

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