"That boy is drinking."

Translation:Tamten chłopiec pije.

April 14, 2016

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Hey marek, I'm confused in lesson one and two, because the meaning of all pronouns are same, when and how can I use these words, help me.. Such as Ten-tamten To-tamto Can i write tamten kot lubi dzieci? & to dziecko pije mleko instead of tamto?


The thing is, that Polish doesn't really use 'tamten', 'tamto' etc. as often as English. They are used really more as "that cat over there". It's a different notion of closenes.

So, Polish uses "ten/ten/tamten", while English uses "this/that/that". So the second 'ten' and first 'that' overlap. That is why "ten" is accepted as a translation of "that". Only accepted though, not suggested; it's not a translation, rather an interpretation.


what is the difference between tamten and tamtem?


I know it's a very old comment, but it's on top of this site... "tamtem" has a typo, it's not a word.


What a bad kid

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