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  5. "Наш сосед - студент."

"Наш сосед - студент."

Translation:Our neighbor is a student.

April 14, 2016



I believe that сосед also means roommate with the по комнату omitted. Is this usage too colloquial to be accepted as an answer?


"Сосед" has many meanings. Depending on context it could be a neighbor, a roommate, a cellmate, a colleague who works in the same office, a classmate with whom you share a desk, etc.


По комнате*

But anyway сосед is not always a roommate, if we want to specify the type of a neighbor, we say: сосед по квартире/комнате/дому etc.


Сосед in essence is anyone next to you, be it a person sitting next to you in class or a person in the house next door. Context is important because it is not used in every possible context but common in some situations. Regarding roommates - if you live in one room, and someone lives in the other room while you share kitchen and living room, сосед is appropriate to use, however I am not sure about the type of roommate when two people share the same room and are in a close relation like college students, seems to not fit here but would be great is someone could confirm. In case of bunk beds, again сосед seems to fit because the beds are like houses next to each other.


I translated as «Наш сосед – студент», and it pointed that I have a typo in my answer. The only difference I found between my answer and the correct answer was the «–» against «-». Am I overlooking something? If that is actually the only difference, then can someone kindly teach me what is the difference between both signs? I thought that the longer sign was the correct one... Thanks in advance


From a programmer's perspective. I believe that the person who wrote the answer used the other "-" (by mistake? I'm not sure of which one is correct to use). The values of these characters are different even though they look similiar to human eye. To computer's perspective it's like comparing if 1 and 2 are equal. I believe you can ignore the error and carry on.


Are студент and ученик interchangeable?


Nope, they are never interchangeable. Студент is a person who completed school, now attending colledge-level education or professional education for a speciality.

In Russia, you would generally find them in one of the following:

  • университет or институт; sometimes академия: colledge-level education (if you are in the U.S.). We also have Высшая школа экономики, a fairly new but rapidly growing university
  • колледж, техникум

Legally, there are just four types of organisations: those working in pre-school education, in school education, in general professional education and colledge-level professional education. Still, the organisations have names.


Oooh, so ученик refers to anyone who hasn't reached college?


Yes, it applies to schoolchildren.

It also means a person taught by someone superior in skill (their "teacher, master") or a follower of someone's teachings (spiritual being the most obvious case).


I see. Thank you :)


Previous exercise "Нет, я не думаю о соседа"... I see what you did there

  • о сосе́дЕ
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