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  5. "Athrawes dw i."

"Athrawes dw i."

Translation:I am a teacher.

April 14, 2016



Why does the dw i come after the noun?


Because this sentence is in the emphatic tense. This is how we say we are something though you could say "Dwi'n athrawes", but the emphatic is used pretty much all the time for sentences like this.


Is it natural to emphasise the Dw ... I ? Or is it just the audio here? I feel like she's lecturing me: DO, E! My Nain was north welsh and, although I didn't speak much welsh then, I don't remember her sounding like that when she spoke with others. Anyone know if it's normal to emphasise both words like that? Or is the audio speaker just trying to be clear?


The voice is putting more stress on it than I would.

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