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  5. "May I pay, please?"

"May I pay, please?"

Translation:Ga i dalu, os gwelwch chi'n dda?

April 14, 2016



Why does "talu" become "dalu" here?


Because talu is the direct object of the conjugated verb ga(f), and so undergoes soft mutation. For example:

  • Prynais i gar newydd - I bought a new car (car -> gar, direct object of prynais)
  • Gaf i beint o chwerw? - May I have a pint of bitter? (peint -> beint)
  • Bwytiff Siân bysgod a sglodion - Siân will eat some fish and chips (pysgod -> bysgod)
  • Fe wnaeth Siôn dalu ei drethi y llynedd - Siôn paid his taxes last year (talu -> dalu)


It's because it is coming after a pronoun.

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