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  5. "У вас є великий розмір?"

"У вас є великий розмір?"

Translation:Do you have a big size?

April 14, 2016



For colloquial English, "Do you have a large?" is a better translation than "Do you have a large size?" - the word "size" is usually only used in eithet comparative (do you have a bigger size?) or superlative (is this the biggest size you have?).


У вас є це у великому [розмірі]?

In the Ukrainian spoken language we omit things too.

But it's not accepted here because we don't accept spoken language and slang.


I would say "Do you have it in large?", especially if referring to clothes sold in Small/Medium/Large/Extra Large sizes - e.g. T-shirts and underwear.


I think do you have a bigger size should be accepted.


Bigger = більший


"Do you have a larger size?" was marked incorrect. Why?


I think it should be translated in English as: Do you have IT in a size large? or Do you have IT in a large size. Or do you have any big sizes? "Do you have a big size" does not sound natural to me (from USA).

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