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"Mis amigos y yo queremos ser doctores."

Translation:My friends and I want to be doctors.

April 14, 2016



In this case, could not it be also "My friends and I wantED to be doctors?" ??


Nope, "querer" is irregular, so "we wanted" is either "quisimos" (if you're using the preterite) or "queríamos" (if you're using the imperfect).


Even though "querer" was regular, both tenses would be different. Look at the regular verb "temer" (paradigm of the second conjugation): present "tememos"; preterite "temimos".


Yup, you're right; I think what confuses people is that regular "-ar" verbs carry the same ending in both the present and preterite.


It's very strange to me that when Spanish does such a great job in demarcating homographs with accents that there's nothing done to tell apart the -ar verbs present and preterite. Do you know why they don't just put an accent on one of them to tell them apart?


I didn't associate this with Nosotros. It's my friends and I - not us or we, necessarily. I put quiere, and got served.


why 'd with like and not with want?


Why cannot I write "my friends and me want to be doctors"?


Because "me" is an object pronoun (not a subject pronoun). "My friends and me want to be doctors" isn't grammatical in the same way that "me want to be a doctor" isn't grammatical. (You will hear native speakers use "X and me" as a subject, sometimes, but it's a mistake.)


¡I hear : "Mis amigos y yo queremos seductores"!


Can this be "Mis amigos y yo queremos que seamos doctores"


You need a subject change to use subjunctive; otherwise, the infinitive is correct.

My friends and I want to be doctors. Mis amigos y yo queremos ser doctores.

My friends and I want our siblings to be doctors. Mis amigos y yo queremos que nuestros hermanos sean doctores.


Thank you for the explanation!

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