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  5. "Он великий человек."

"Он великий человек."

Translation:He is a great man.

April 14, 2016



So, is this saying he is a "wonderful" man, an "important" man, or "a very large (in size)" man?


He is a wonderful, important man. The meaning doesn't refer to physical size.


so it can never mean physical size? I can't say, ie. это великий город, камень?


This word referred to size in the times of Ancient Rus. But now this word means "a lot of achievements". If you use this word with the word "city", it means that the city has a rich history. If you want to say about size it is better to say "большой город" (big city) or "огромный город" (a huge city). It is the same with the "stone".

Some cities in Russia have this word in their names. This is the official geographic names. For example:

Вели́кий У́стюг

Вели́кий Но́вгород (don't confuse this one with Ни́жний Но́вгород, because these are two different cities)

Вели́кий Росто́в (don't confuse this one with Росто́в-на-Дону́)

Вели́кие Лу́ки


Thanks. While we are here, what does нижний means? Lower?


In previous lessons 'великий' was used for clothes' sizes and was translated as 'too big'. And now we learn that it can also mean 'great'. Is that correct? And does it have any more meanings? Could anyone please clear all this out?


Why is "He is a great guy" wrong? Is there a more casual word that would translate as "guy?"


"Guy" translates as "па́рень".


I think "great" here doesn't really translate as "великий" either. "He's a great man" means that he's an important, successful man with a lot of achievements. "He's a great guy" means he's a cool guy who's a lot of fun to be around. I'd translate it as "он классный парень".


I also thought "great guy" should be correct.


Если я снимаю эту маску, ты умрешь?


How would you say "she is a great woman" or even "she is a great person"? I know человек can mean "man" or "person," but can it also be used for a woman? In that case, would she be великий or великая человек (человека?) ?


великая девушка? или великая женщина? I've just seen there's a series about Katherine The Great: "Великая" http://marsme.ru/project-ekaterina-velikaya


I came here to ask this question!


In Spanish, we say: "Él es una gran persona". "Persona" is a feminine word, thus, we use "una" instead of "un" to match the noun gender. In Russian, человек is masculine, thus, we must use великий. If I am not wrong, we can use all these sentences:

"She is a great woman": "она - великая женщина"

"She is a great person": "она - великий человек"

"He is a great man": "он - великий мужчина"

"He is a great person": "он - великий человек"

[deactivated user]

    I put fellow instead of man. Is there another word for that?


    In English we might often say "He is a great human being," which I thought would fit with человек, but it was not accepted.

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