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  5. "Katten drikker vann."

"Katten drikker vann."

Translation:The cat is drinking water.

April 14, 2016



Is the glottal stop (represented by the two, consecutive T's) -always- the way you pronounce two T's in the middle of a word? I noticed that earlier -- with "gutten," I believe, but up until now, I've been pronouncing the sound as an aspirated T.


It doesn't sound like a glottal stop to me- it sounds like a voiceless T.

I think that's the term- the T is pronounced without leaving the palate, as in German Schatten and the like. I've been keeping my tongue on my palate for the switch between T and N, just like I do with German.

Hopefully a native speaker can help.


Native speaker checking in, seems on point to me! My tongue does not move between /t/ and /n/. And it's not a glottal stop :)

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