"We are speaking of this man."

Translation:Mówimy o tym mężczyźnie.

April 15, 2016

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I tried "rozmawiamy" and it wasn't correct. Why is that?

Do I get it right: when you "rozmawiasz" then someone else listens to you and reacts, while when you "mówisz" you only say some words and no reactions of other people is implied?


You get it right. I think you should report it.

I think duolingo is too harsh in mówimy- we speak, rozmawiamy= we talk.


I am rather confused about whether mezcazna is masculine or feminie


It is masculine- you use masculine pronouns, adjectives verb forms.

But is follows feminine IV declension table. (with exceptions)

IV feminine declansion

declension of mężczyzna


i feel like "pan" or in this case " mowimy o panu" should have been an accurate translation.


It should still be "Mówimy o tym panu" (We are speaking of this man/gentleman).

If you don't specify "pan" at all, that's Formal You. So your sentence is "We are speaking of you, sir".

Added "o tym panu", but I'm afraid that this will mostly be unaccepted, we've only decided to add such options veery recently.


thanks for the reply!


This is Locative because of the 'o'?


Yes. Whenever "o" means "about" (meaning "on the topic of", not like "I worry about you"), it takes Locative.

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