"We want to do less."

Translation:Chcemy robić mniej.

April 15, 2016

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Is there a difference between using robić versus zrobić in these infinitive contexts?


that depends on context- sometimes there is difference, sometimes there is not.

"robić" is about activity, "zrobić" is about effect.


So would you say robić is a habitual thing and zrobić is more like a one time event? Or, using "eat", is 1 more natural than 2 in the sentences below?

1) Dziś chcę zjeść mniej 2) Dziś chcę jeść mniej


that really depends on the verb and context. But often it would be like you've said. Sometimes "robić" would be about feelings about the activity. sometimes it would be about ability to do something.

both sentences sound natural.

no 1 is about total amount of food eaten in a day. no 2 is about eating less all day less meals/smaller meals/less snacks.


How would "Chcemy zrobić mniej" sound in English?


"We want to do less" because probably nobody says: "We want to have done more".


Thank you! Then I'll report it next time I see it, cause this translation wasn't accepted


Well, I think the sentence is more about activity than finishing something. Otherwise it could be interpreted as "We want to achieve less", which is a quite unlikely thing to say.


Mniej / mniejsze — jaka różnica?


"mniej" to przysłówek, dotyczy ilości. Chcemy wykonywać mniejszą ilość pracy.

"mniejsze" to przymiotnik (rodzaj nijaki albo rodzaj niemęskoosobowy), opisuje jakiś rzeczownik.

"mniej" is an adverb, it refers to an amount. We want to perform a 'smaller amount' of work.

"mniejsze" is an adjective (neuter singular or 'not masculine-personal plural' aka nonvirile). It describes some noun.

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