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  5. "Le poisson et le riz"

"Le poisson et le riz"

Translation:The fish and the rice

January 23, 2013



Why is viande not correct? I am a beginner.


"viande" is feminine: "la viande". "poisson" is masculine: "le poisson".


What is feminine and masculine?:/


Hiya Raylee. Feminine is like female and masculine is like male. Nearly all French nouns have gender and there is no real rhyme nor reason for them. They just have to be memorised.


I would like to know why also.


The pronunciation of le riz sounds a lot more like something along the lines of le rey. Hard to hear


i am so glad that i could now get how French pronounce some things. i used to get frustrated but with practice it becomes easier. yehey!


Can this also be 'fish and rice'?


Throughout Duolingo, in the slower version she pronounces "les" (lay) when the sentence calls for "le" (le rhymes with "u" in the english word "put")... So, once you understand the sentence after slowing it, then go back to the regular speed and listen for it, as initially I thought she was saying Les poissons in this particular example.


It's dificult to notice which is masculine or feminime.. anyone can give me some advice?


It's more a matter of memorising than noticing. Try to remember the word together with something to indicate gender. Eg remember le poisson is the fish, un Poisson is a fish, du Poisson is some fish instead of remembering Poisson is fish, le is the (m), un is one(m) du is some (m). That way the gender will come more naturally.


Why is alcool incorrect?


The alcohol is "l'alcool" not "le alcool"


However, Duolingo never really explains why or when to use one or the other


Hi Andrew. I'm assuming that you're speaking of the article? If so; LE precedes a masculine noun, (eg le lac), LA precedes a feminine noun, (eg la femme), and L' precedes a vowel (eg l'eau) or vowel sound (eg L'homme).


Why can't one choose to have rice with a steak vs rice with fish?


if you mean with meat it is because viande is feminine, so it would have to be 'la' viande.


Michael I don't know where this Steak thing comes from. Is it in the drop-down alternative translations for Poisson?


From the fill in the blank question, viande is one of the (incorrect) choices.


Ah, so sushi then? :')


I do not understand why banane is not an answer. I mean you can eat a banana with rice am I right? I get that you can eat rice with fish but you can also eat it with a banana. please help me understand.


Hiya Alli, Have you actually eaten banana with rice? Try it. Bit like eating grass with nettles. Seriously though, what is most likely, fish with rice or banana with rice? Duo is compuker rigged (I choose my words and spelling) Always choose the most likely. There's a reason for those annoying hover alternatives in the tasks and for the life of me I don't see their immediate usefulness. I avoid them. Votre ami JJ.


thanks that makes more since


Bananas and rice are great together! Here are two examples: http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/coconut-curry-bananas-rice


They should not offer any choices that could be correct if they're not going to count them as correct


No wonder I get so confused. The app doe$ not explain that le or la are femminie or masculine. That would help


yum!!! fish and rice


if viande isfeminine then it shoud havebeen le viande right?


You've got your genders mixed up! « Le » is masculine and « la » is feminine.


Why banane is not correct?


Hiya Melany. Riz is French for Rice and is a mass noun in that it doesn't distinguish between singular or plural.


riz is the french word for rice.


How do you know weither a word is masculin or feminine


If you are referring to nouns Morgan, then you don't know. they just need to be memorised as there is no rhyme nor reason to Romanic gender. In singular, one way to know is to note the article. Le refers to a masculine noun, La refers to a feminine noun, Son is reflecting a possessive referring to a masculine noun, Sa is a possessive reflecting a feminine noun. Du reflects a masculine noun and Sa reflects a feminine noun. Ton is a possessive reflecting a masculine noun and Ta is a possessive reflecting a feminine noun. The reason why noun genders must be memorised is because in the Polite/Formal "Votre" there's no implied gender and in all plurals one can not deduce gender from the article.


What if I want to have a banana with my rice?


How canit be slowed down?


Why isn't banane correct?


You're looking for a masculine noun. La banane is feminine. Le riz is the correct answer.

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