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Can a student who signed up as a regular user convert her information to my classroom?

Hello! I just learned about Duolingo the other day and downloaded it on an iPad that my students use in my classroom. One of my students has "tested out" of several of the levels and has done a good amount of the modules. However I didn't realize at the time that there was an educator version. I have now set up my classroom and have invited my students to sign up. If they sign up for my class using the link they received, will her data transfer from what she has already done?

April 15, 2016

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Absolutely! Your students do not need to create a new Duolingo account if they already have one, they will just be prompted to sign in and then join your classroom with their existing account. You will be able to see the points they earned before they joined, and they will remain able to use Duolingo even if they leave your classroom at some point. :)

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