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"Estuve en el mismo lugar que mi amigo."

Translation:I was at the same place as my friend.

January 23, 2013



Why is "I stayed" wrong?


One definition of "estar" is "to stay" and "estuve" is the past tense so that is " I stayed" googling "I was at the same place as" gives 56,800,000 results and "I stayed at the same place as" gives 4,320,000 results. Either "stayed" is a very common error here or it is just used less. I'm guessing it is perfectly okay.


It's wrong because this is just one instance of being in a place and implies nothing about staying there for any period of time.


your response is it based on your grammatical experience or is it a matter of how one interprets the sentence?????


or, in other words, you would use the imperfect to say "I stayed" in a place


Stayed in spanish is = Permanecer , Que es como para decir que estuviste alli y nunca te fuiste


To stay is "quedarse." Where I stayed would be "me quedé." Luckily we're not working on reflexive verbs yet.


When you click conjugate it just gives the present tense ...It would be helpful when we are learning the past tense to conjugate the past tense


I get the past tense when I click on the word and C. Maybe not for all responses.


I may be wrong, but from my own experience in DL it seems that they give you the conjugations when the verbs are irregular, but don't when it's ordinary regular conjugations.


Why does this use "que" instead of "como"?


Yo hablo español, y hay ciertas palabras que aqui en duolingo no las pronuncian bien, Por ejemplo la palabra "Su" la pronuncian como So, y eso es incorrecto


Hola! Hablas castillano? Porqué, para mi, comprendo el castillano (hablado) sin problemas, pero en DL se habla latinoamericano, y a veces tengo verdaderamente problemas para comprender la pronunciación.


Hola se escribe "CastEllano" y puedes explicarme el meaning of "DL"


Sí, de verdad.. se escribe castellano, un error pequeño de mí :-) DL significa DuoLingo ;-)


So how is I was by the same place translated?


Estuve del mismo lugar. Maybe. I just use de when in doubt. But I am sure to be wrong. Graham just notice you have one day of practice more than me. I am now going to watch for you. (-:


"I was in the same place as my friend" was accepted by DL.


Estuve means I was AND I stayed according to what it says when you tap on the word so why does it say I STAYED in the same place as my friend is wrong? Please fix this error.


i put de not que why is that rong?


I still think "I stayed in the same place as my friend" is a valid translation.


It's so hard to hear the difference between "mi" and "me" on here. :/


In the song lyrics (Ricky Martin Tu Recuerdo) "Un beso gris. Un beso blanco. Todo depende de lugar." Doesn't lugar translate as situation or circumstances?

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