Wish to have a Note function.

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Wish to have a note function for us to note down specific note which much help us in understanding the words and how the words apply.

Example i saw a nice reply in discussion which is can help me to understand the use of ser/estar, and wish to note it down

@gskala01 82

The way i memorized it, with a little song: "How you feel, and where you are, always use the verb estar!" Everything else is ser.

Or it can be under each vocabs let us to add on note. Or a main note link. For me prefer a main one may be add on a NOTE link tab among the vocab and Mobile?

Well, if there is note function release i plan to sort out the use of que, well, there is many meaning for que and will come out different meaning when mix with other words. The Vocab esplaination seen not complete for me. xD

4 years ago


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