"Noi mangiamo il pollo."

Translation:We eat the chicken.

January 23, 2013

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it is a bit annoying to try and hear the elided words sometimes. i've listened to both, and i swear the quicker one does not have the 'il' in it...live and learn i guess ;)


You just learn it better with experience and pick up what makes sense ;) (for example l'ho sounds exactly like lo, but wouldnt make sense if i said lo fatto!)


'Elided' means a sound that it's covered up by another sound. That's why so many users are having trouble hearing it in the recording.


I keep trying to pronounce pollo as it is in spanish! I almost wish it was spelled differently just so i didnt have this habit to break!


me too lol. i keep saying "poyo" instead of "polo"


Does "il" always have to be used? Or is it used only to learn the "gender" of each object?


Amici Italiani: I believe that someone pointed out in another discussion that when referring to the meat of the chicken, it should not be "il pollo" but just "pollo". Is that correct? (or perhaps this would be correct in the context of when you're in a restaurant and you're saying "we're having the chicken" as opposed to the steak). Thanks in advance...


In this case it's ok. It's like in English... if you want to say that you usually eat chicken. no need of the article, but you can use it. If you are at a restaurant you can say "Vorrei il pollo."

"Vorrei UN pollo" is wrong, when you don't want a whole chicken.


Or DO you want the whole chicken? O^O


o is elided with il


I have lost so many hearts like this, I now listen to them both first.


For the pronunciation of mangiamo is the "i" after the "g" silent?


The main purpose of the "i" after the "g" is to make its sound soft—"j". Normally "ga" has the hard "g" sound. Or you could consider that it makes the "gia" sound into "dya".


The word "pollo" has another meaning which is "turkey" so, my answer was right not false "Noi mangiamo il pollo" "We are eating the turkey"


some of this is so confusing. i dont have a reason to learn italian i just really love it and i want to learn, so im making little notes on what words go with what pronouns


I started to type "we eat the chi" and my autofill suggested "children" lol


why not mangiete


why not mangiete y mangiamo


This isn't what it was asking

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