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  5. "Owen yw e."

"Owen yw e."

Translation:He is Owen.

April 15, 2016



I'm confused.. so there is 'Owen yw e'. 'Owen ydy o' and maybe 'Owen mae e' ? I thought 'ydy' was the word for 'does' for example 'ydy Owen hoffi.." Can someone please explain?


"... ydy o" is the northern version of "... yw e" and they are both used in the emphatic semtence structure. You never say "Owen mae e/o" because "Mae" is never used in the emphatic. "Ydy" is also the question form using in both the north and the south e.g "Ydy Owen yn hoffi...?"


Thank you Ellis. Of the two variants "ydy o" and "yw e" can you mix and match the pronouns? can you say "ydy e" and "yw o" or would this be considered perverse? Thanks


Hmm I'd say avoid it but should you do it by accident everybody should understand you.


But the notes say that phrases can be positive, question, or negative. Surely this comes under positive, in which case the notes only give ‘mae’ as an option.


The notes for the section 'Present Tense 3' and elsewhere show that xxx yw e is the emphatic pattern used when identifying someone by their name, role, relationship, etc.


This Sounds Like "Owen Yw I", Are 'E' And 'I' Pronounced The Same, Or Is The Voice Just Off?


They are pronounced the same like mae also sounds like eye. Although the voice is usually right, there is always a way to check! Here!!!

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