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"I bambini nella mia famiglia sono alti."

Translation:The children in my family are tall.

January 14, 2014



Can babies be tall?!


why is babies not accepted? I thought bambini meant small children or babies.


"Nella mia famiglia i bambini sono alti" o "I bambini della mia famiglia sono alti"


if you're saying the translation is wrong, it's better to report it than to comment about it - unless you're asking if your translations are also correct? it's unclear from your post...


Why is "my family's babies" not accepted while "the babies in my family" is?


that's odd, seems like neither of those should be accepted...


If "long" is in the hints, & babies are not "tall" (in american english, anyway), then "the babies in my family are long" should be accepted (while "the babies in my family are tall" might still be). Reporting. Anyone else have input on this?


Bambino is a child 1-10 and a ragazzo is a child from 11-18.


thanks, that's kind of the rule of thumb I've been going by - I'm curious though, did you get that from a class or something? I've never really studied italian formally (unless finishing this duolingo tree counts, haha). The sentence is kind of dumb if translated as "babies," so I should've figured that the given translation is pretty much the only useful one.


I do agree, when we speak of a baby's size, it is usually in length until they can walk. Though, using 'long' in this sentence just does not sound right to me. I think that 'bambini' could also mean toddlers or very young children. shrug


Kids in my family are tall. Is there something wrong with that?


DL wants THE kids (children). Which is really nitpicking.


Ragazzi would be a better choice


Cant we say In or Nel because i thought you cant use La when talking about your family. Oh wait, is that only when talking about your individual familt members e.g il mio padre?


of or in. I'm not learning English!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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